Our formula for success is simple!

We start with a Customer Friendly  attitude and we Support  our customers by providing Innovative, Positive, Precise and Timely SolutionsBuilt on the foundation of providing our customers a unique, easy to use experience, we provide over 20+ in house services and the top brand name products to make the uniform procurement process hassle free. It really shouldn't be that frustrating to manage your uniform program.

Our "One Stop Shop" web solution features;

                                          -  Class A Dress Uniforms

                                          -  Class B Station Uniforms

                                          -  Class C Special Team Uniforms

                                          -  Outerwear, Headwear, Footwear, Workout Gear

                                          -  Equipment & Gear thru our partnership with Air One Equipment

                                          -  Local Fit Center Appointments

                                          -  Fit-Kit Sizing Solution for remote customers

                                          -  Metal Badges, Insignia & Nameplates from Smith & Warren

                                          -  Online Badge Builder & Quote Tool

                                          -  In House Graphic Design Team

                                          -  In House Web Design & Support Team

                                          -  On Demand Administrative & Budget Usage Reports

                                          -  In House Screen Printing

                                          -  In House Embroidery

                                          -  In House Alterations

                                          -  Shoulder Patches, Emblems & Name Patches

                                          -  Online Emblem Quote Tool

                                          -  You Never Close - We Don't Either ! Shop 24/7 365 days a year

To see an example of a "One Stop Shop" program site visit;

Schaumburg Fire Department

Lockport Fire Protection District

Oshkosh Fire Department